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Broadcasters want you to pay more for cable tv

At Sparklight, we are committed to providing our customers with the best TV programming at a reasonable price. Programming is our most expensive cost, which is why we vigorously negotiate with broadcasters for retransmission consent. If broadcasters do not get the fees they want, rather than continuing to negotiate with us, they can remove their station from our line-up. Don’t stand by and let this happen to your favorite shows, teams, or networks.

Your Voice Makes a Difference. Be Heard.

Sparklight will never remove local stations from your lineup. Station owners are the only ones who can decide to take away your local stations.

Help us fight!

Select your city/TV Market to find out if there are any disputes that may impact your access to your favorite shows.

Fight Unreasonable Rate Hikes.

Sparklight will negotiate hard with programmers to fight unreasonable rate hikes.

Our goal is to provide you with your favorite shows at a reasonable price!

Fight the Hike

Switching Only Fuels Their Rate Hikes.

Switching isn't the answer. All cable, satellite, and telco companies are fighting outrageous programmer rate hikes.

Ditch the Switch